System of Empirically Based Assessment.

ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) is a system of questionnaires and scoring options developed by Thomas M. Achenbach to quantify competences, emotional problems and behavioral problems. There are also manuals that accompany the questionnaires and other documentation is available.

Supported by years of scientific research and experience in clinical practice, ASEBA offers user-friendly tools for professional users in clinical practice and scientific research.

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ASEBA (Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment) comprises questionnaires with which competences, emotional problems and behavioral problems can be reported. ASEBA also includes possibilties to score questionnaire data.

There are several versions of the questionnaires. Questionnaires can be completed by: parents/caretakers, teachers, adolescents themselves and adults themselves. There are questionnaires for different age groups: 1½-5, 6-18, and 18-59 years. There are also short versions of the questionnaires for the age group 6-18 years. ASEBA questionnaires are available in many languages.

Only online administration and scoring versions are available.

ASEBA was developed by Thomas M. Achenbach, University of Vermont, U.S.A. The copyrights of ASEBA materials are owned by T.M. Achenbach.


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